I Know It’s Been a While…

24 Jul

…but I’ve been so busy!

Here’s a re-cap of all of the *insert very unladylike word here* that has happened to me since I last wrote.

Went to the doctor: mono for the third time
Went home: Nutella milkshake (read on!)
Worked, slept, worked, slept, slept, slept, slept.
Ate a lot of ice cream and hot tea.
Took my grandma to see my college.

And now I’m home! Tired as ever, of course, but feeling a little more motivated to do some real work in the kitchen instead of what pathetic excuses for nourishment I’ve managed to pull together…including but not limited to a Jamocha shake and curly fries at Arbys.

So earlier I mentioned a Nutella milkshake. If you haven’t picked up on it, I’m in love with Nutella. I pretty much think it is the food of the gods, and it is. So I made me a fantastic Nutella shake that was so chocolatey and rich you could die of happiness.

Vanilla bean ice cream + 2-3 tbsp Nutella + splash of milk + handful of chocolate chips + dash of chocolate syrup + blender = the most delicious frozen treat to ever walk the earth. So good.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go make something chocolatey and scrumptious to satisfy the aching in my sweet teeth. (Yeah, I have way more than just one sweet tooth. Don’t judge me.)

❤ Alice!


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